Making Data (Re)useful

Data is the 21st century’s new raw material. The availability of data is the key to the identification of economic opportunities and policy decision-making. Without a strong program aligned to promote reuse of open government data, the data itself will have little value. Our Company has a record of successful engagements with municipal, state and national governments to fundamentally change the way government interacts with their citizens. This interaction centers on the concept of “data as infrastructure” or data as a strategic asset that belongs to citizens as well as the private sector.

Our services and strategies are aimed at providing measurable business outcomes aligning to an open data strategy. Our Solution Engineers work with government executive teams, departments, agencies and ministries to map out open data strategies that create value and provide a path to citizen engagement and collaboration. Our team of associates will work to turn your vision into a successful, defensible open data program. Managing data as infrastructure means improving links between silos of databases and data stores; making information/data easier to find online, making it easier for analysts and policy makers to quickly access and transform data into new formats and knowledge. It means lowering the cost of consuming and using data because we keep having more data to manage.

Services Offered to Help Open Data Governance and Data Management

Benchmark offer Open Data consulting
  • Manage open government data efforts including coordinating data reuse through APIs, create public data products, repositories, work flows and visualizations

  • Decrease the cost of managing data and increasing the value of the data available

  • Improve how the jurisdiction collects, uses, manages, and publishes data

  • Lead initiative efforts to track data collections, data purchases, databases, physical data models, and

    linkages between datasets

  • Improve data quality and how data quality is measured

  • Ensure data is available, reliable, consistent, accessible, secure, and timely to support the mission and

    activities of the jurisdiction

  • Align and standardize data models

  • Set up jurisdictional data-working groups

  • Create a project management methodology

  • Set up ongoing training and accreditation of staff and data sets according to the principles and

    standards of The World Bank and the Open Government Partnership

  • Provide ongoing support as the auxiliary open data team for the jurisdiction, ensuring institutional memory and sustainability

Services to Help Data Publication and Valuation

  • We work with government officials and members of key public stakeholder groups to identify data valuable to internal and public processes that can be released.

  • We can work with government officials to establish open data legislation, which requires the release of specific classes or categories of datasets as open data.

  • We develop the scope of ‘new’ information and identify key agencies, committees or other relevant agent necessary for the digitization and publishing process.

  • With assistance from government data stewards, we can create specific requirements for ongoing updates of open data and aim to release government data as quickly as it is gathered and collected in ‘real time’.

  • Releasing new data online in a way that is free of intellectual property restrictions or fees, in a structured format to ensure that the data is kept updated in a timely manner that will make our client one of the leaders in the national open data space.

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