Network Systems



Benchmark Networks was founded on the design, configuration and installation of Local Area Network and Wide Area Network technologies. Today, we are still highly focused on this most important part of any computer system infrastructure. With advances in technologies like VLANs, VPNs, VoIP and compressed video, now more than ever, a properly designed LAN/WAN infrastructure is critical.

Internet Load Balancing


FatPipe WARP is our most dynamic and flexible router-clustering/load balancing device for high reliability, high redundancy, and high-speed delivery of incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.


Aggregating up to three T3/E3 lines for speeds of up to 155 Mbps, WARP enables the hosting of large sets of internal servers including web, e-mail, firewall, and load balancing devices. By providing reliability and redundancy for WANs, WARP complements other redundancy devices located internally, to provide complete redundancy and reliability for internal/external information systems. WARP works with existing hardware, operating systems, and applications.


Corporations hosting Intranets, Extrants, or Thin Client servers such as Citrix, or any other mission critical web-based applications benefit from the dependability of WARP for a reliable, and fast WAN. WARP dynamically load balances over multiple ISPs without the need for BGP programming.
WARP features FatPipe’s patented and patent pending technology, SmartDNS, which efficiently balances inbound load over multiple lines and intelligently and automatically fails over Internet traffic when needed. WARP also provides powerful features, such as multiple options for load balancing, and policy routing tools that control how data flows on networks. FatPipe WARP also has various add-on tools including Quality of Service (QoS) and VPN, which gives you enhanced control capabilities.